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The 21st century is defined by accelerating rates of change in society, technology, and economics.

Governments come and go; borders are contested. Risk and opportunity evolve in the blink of an eye.

Your team is world-class, but where do you seek help when a threat crosses borders and yet seems to have ears in the room?

Or the deal seems too good to be true & you are new to the country?

How can you work with the leading specialists in each field and locale your interests may reach?

To meet this challenge, we formed a cross- functional strategic alliance that draws expertise from a variety of disciplines and jurisdictions worldwide.

Allied Strategic Advisors exists to meticulously cultivate this distributed network, carefully ensuring that it will always serve the highest and best interests of our clients and partners.

Talk to an advisor today.

We’re here to listen, understand your situation, and provide helpful strategic advice. Make a well-informed decision and relax with the confidence that our advisors are seeing through the execution of that strategy – wherever in the world it takes us.

Colton Moffitt

Founding Advisor

Background: Open Source Intelligence, Private Investigator, Asset Recovery, M&A Advisor, Digital Asset Broker

Open Source Intelligence

The amount of information accessible via the internet today is awe-inspiring. Expanding at a rate that is now well out of control, 90% of all data in existence was generated within the past 2 years alone. A remarkable consequence is that it is increasingly difficult to discern truth in this deluge of information. Our world-class open source intelligence advisors have mastered this craft and will help you do the same.

Due Diligence

People are your greatest strength or your weakest link. Avoid the dire consequences of a bad partnership, hire, investment, or acquisition. It’s important to trust your gut & listen to intuition – but make sure to verify the facts. Due diligence goes beyond the numbers and evaluates the character, behavior, and values of the people involved. Remember: A deal is only as good as the people you’re dealing with.

Crisis & Reputation Management

For all of the benefits of our global economy and information sharing, there have been chilling consequences. The truth has taken a back seat to sensation in the 24/7 news cycle. Echo chambers of outrage and instant gratification plague internet communication. Witch hunts decide the fate of careers, stock prices, and legacies. Guilty until proven innocent, if anyone cares at all. Our advisors recognize this as a genuine threat to productive civilization. If you need someone to hear your side of the story, we are prepared to listen.

Information Security

The endless digital arms race seems to escalate every day. Despite massive corporate investment and government intervention, the toll on victims from the individual to the institutional level rises into the trillions of dollars per year. Lives are at stake. While our advisors are some of the world’s most practically experienced professionals, the message remains simple and clear: be proactive and remain vigilant.

Counter Surveillance

The term “counter surveillance” may conjure an image of paranoid peering-through-the-blinds. However, in the 21st century, pervasive surveillance is a simple fact of life. Our advisors step in when this poses a threat to operational and personal security, human dignity, and business continuity. From technical surveillance countermeasures and digital forensics to specialist physical security detail and favorable jurisdictions, you’ll find that you still have many options for preserving your human right to privacy.

Strategic Relocation

Macro-economic, ecological, and geopolitical forces are driving trends which lead some forward-thinking businesses and families to wonder if they should have a  contingency plan. For those considering a proactive move, our advisors are prepared to assist in a discreet transition.

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