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We work in several industries doing similar deals and decided to bring it into an organized format.

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Colton Moffitt
Colton MoffittManaging Director
Certified Joint Venture Specialist

Cooperative Capitalism

Capitalism is inherently competitive, but it’s best played as a team sport. The right relationships make all the difference for long term growth and survival.

Capital partners with shared values.

Vendors with a tradition of excellence.

Manufacturers with high ethical standards.

Executives with generosity as a top priority.

Based on 15 years of research, we have concluded that cooperation between business leaders who are aligned with these values is the best, historically proven solution to the world’s most difficult problems.

Our mission is to foster this cooperation between businesses to the ultimate benefit of global society. If this is a cause you’re on board with, let’s work together.

Focused on Value

If you hire a good marketing agency, your revenue will increase. If you work with us, your profit will increase.

Why does that difference matter? Valuation. We work with SMEs who care about valuation because they have an exit in mind.

How do we do it?

Alliances, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, channel development – it all comes down to profitable collaboration with other businesses that share your ideal clientele.

You’ll benefit from profitable new business & more income from your current and previous clients, and …

Higher lifetime customer value, average order / transaction value, retention & repeat business, and volume of referrals.

This is easier said than done.

We can teach you to do it, do it with you, or do it for you.

Let’s see what makes sense for your business today.

Samuel Brush
Samuel BrushPartner
Strategic Communications Expert

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