A Different Breed

We don’t come from traditional corporate finance, private equity, or investment banking backgrounds.

Our experience is drawn from strategic communications, investigative due diligence, debt collection, and sales.

100+ asset deals later, we have done well in the SME M&A space.

However, a man ought to know his limits – so we partner with traditional finance professionals when deals cross the seven figure threshold.

What does that mean for you?

If you are a buyer / seller focused on online/remote deals capped at $1 million, we can help you with the entire transaction cycle from sourcing, due diligence, and negotiation to closing and transition.

If you are working on a larger transaction, we will bring together the appropriate partners from our ecosystem to serve your interests (depending on jurisdiction, industry, etc).

If you are an M&A Advisor, Private Equity firm, Family Office, or Boutique Investment Bank we can deliver targeted, qualified deal flow in a wide range of industries. We focus on anglophone countries with legal systems based on English common law.


1yr Acquisition ROI

Online publishing business acquisition returned over 210% at exit 1 year later.


Revenue Increase

After our client acquired a larger competitor with $0 of their own cash at closing.


Asset Deals

Buy & sell side transactions focused on SMEs with remote/online operations.

Executive Protection Firm

Through Distributed Risk we helped an executive protection agency with a 10+ year successful track record acquire a competitor with 2x the revenue and 10x the headcount. This resulted in a sustained increase in revenue & organizational maturity on the path to exit the deal in 2024.

Micro Private Equity – Publisher Acquisition

Worked extensively on buy side deals for a micro private equity fund focused on online businesses under $1m in value. In one particularly successful deal, we negotiated a ~30% reduction in purchase price for an online publisher which allowed the deal to return a total of ~210% at exit.

Micro Private Equity – Animation Studio

As a GP in a micro private equity fund using creative finance strategies, negotiated a minority stake in an animation studio in exchange for financial optimization and business development program design. This allowed the owner to focus on their new venture while still benefiting from the growth of this business and the upcoming sale at a higher valuation.

“It marks a big step in your development when you come to realize that other people can help you do a better job than you could do alone.”

Andrew Carnegie

Industrialist & Philanthropist

The Process

While the process may vary slightly depending on how we’re working together, the common elements are:

  • Define ideal criteria (buyer / seller / asset)
  • Outreach & qualification
  • Due diligence & negotiation

We also source from private membership communities and the networks we have established in cities like NYC, Austin, Seattle, Istanbul, London, Singapore, and Dubai.

Our ecosystem includes boutique investment bankers, private equity firms, lenders, fractional CXOs, international trade brokers, and subject matter experts in lucrative industries.

Whether you are looking for deal flow, transaction support, or a partner in exit planning to achieve a high price at sale, let’s discuss how we can work together

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