Skill Transfer

We focus on skill transfer rather than knowledge transfer because you won’t get the results you need from “infotainment.”

Granted, our ability to ensure that those skills are transferred is constrained by the format we use to communicate them.

The most effective transfer is via 1-to-1 advisory. The most efficient transfer is via group workshops.

Even through interviews or speaking engagements, we try to focus on practical advice & methods you can pick up and apply right away.

We accomplish this by offering conceptual tools for problem solving. It’s not quite as good as a “done with you” hands-on exercise, but we can get a larger group engaged in the process much faster.

With Praxis Upgrade, we are simply passing along skills we learned from our mentors and helping you apply them to your own situation. It’s not revolutionary stuff – but it’s harder than it looks to do it all yourself without support.


Positive Feedback

On skill transfer work – from interviews to instruction.


Skill Transfer Events

Panels, interviews, advisory sessions, workshops.



Available as speakers, instructors, and guests.


[noun] action, practice: such as. exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill. customary practice or conduct. practical application of a theory.

  • Draw from 40+ instructors and speakers in our ecosystem of deal makers.

  • Flexible on-site or remote options to suit your needs.

  • Speaking & interview opportunities tailored to your audience or organization.

This is the most flexible way to work with us, but it requires a commitment to practice.

We aren’t in the course / training business as such, so we can only work with teams who are going to put theory into practice right away.

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