Strategic Partnerships

When we say “strategic partnership,” we don’t just mean it in the literal sense of creating a new legal entity to represent a partnership – although that can be a useful element of the strategy.

We are referring to alliances, channel development, market entry, licensing, cross-promotion, co-marketing, endorsements, sponsorships, and distribution deals.


Success Rate

for firms using co-marketing partnerships to increase profit.
(Source: Concur)


Gross Sales

Orchestrated by our team & partners for physical product, service, and SaaS/tech companies.


More Profit

From referred clients. They’re also 37% more likely to stick around.
(Source: Extole)

White Label Licensing

Licensed software training curriculum from a US partner and white labeled for a UK client. This JV took the UK client from startup to 7 figures within 6 months – and ultimately to an 8 figure exit.

IT Recruitment

Partnered a UK client with the largest European IT Recruitment company to sell to their database of IT Professionals. This joint venture generated over $800,000 in sales within the first 12 months of the campaign.

Repackage & Reactivate

Partnered with a catalog company to promote a client’s digital training course to their original 400,000 book buyers. Generated a total of $4,027,225.38 (201,462 sales @ $19.99 each) with one campaign.

Leadership Affiliates

Created a group of affiliate partners for a well-known and respected US client to promote their Leadership Program and generated over $500,000 within the 30 day launch campaign.

“Strategic partnerships offer significant upside with relatively low risk – if you are working with the right people.”

Colton Moffitt


Stretch Goals

Created a joint venture with a popular yoga instructor to promote their yoga schools to yoga associations. Generated a list of 10,000 prospects within the 30 day campaign.

Fashion & Luxury

Paired the leading UK luxury menswear shirt company (1.5m customers) with the biggest luxury hotel chain. Sold out the luxury hotel chain’s “tailored” event nationwide.

Green Energy + Software Giant

Matched a Japanese green energy client with the largest US-based software company in the world. Just one location in Ireland generated over $1,000,000+ in revenue.

Commercial Real Estate + Solar

Structured a joint venture between US-based commercial real estate client and solar energy partners. This deal ended with a $3,000,000+ exit.

The Process

While this is easy to oversimplify, the key elements are:

  • Initial assessment of current opportunities, resources, assets, relationships, and constraints. (1.5-2 hours)
  • Ideal partner target list development. (top 100 -> perfect 10)

  • Outreach and introductions.
  • Negotiation & Closing. (Depends on structure)

  • Oversee campaign setup & execution. (Internal & 3rd party)
  • Optimize & prompt payment. (Transparency and compliance)

Due diligence, qualification, and compliance are built into the entire process.

We ensure that our partners are all acting in compliance with jurisdiction and industry specific regulations, e.g., GDPR, CCPA, CAN-SPAM, and KYC/AML requirements.

This also means that our compensation models are compliant with reporting and licensing requirements set by regulators like the US FTC, SEC, and so on.

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