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Advisory Call
Advisory Call2022-08-23T20:04:37+00:00

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Colton Moffitt

Managing Director
  • 100+ Deals Completed
  • Certified Joint Venture Specialist
  • 7 years experience living in rapidly developing markets.

“Doing well is the result of doing good. That’s what capitalism is all about.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson
Curabitur elementum cursus nulla.

Questions before our call?

How can my business earn more from current and past clients?2022-08-23T19:54:59+00:00

We can help you set up partnerships to introduce new products and services your clients will love. This is a great way to reactivate old clients or increase revenue from your active customer base. The best part is that the gross profit margin on these campaigns will be better than 90% for your business.

Will your team do outbound sales for my business?2022-08-23T19:29:39+00:00

Sort of. We don’t directly offer appointment setting (SDR) or closing (AE) services, but we can set up that function for you. We are more focused on strategic business development initiatives that increase your lifetime value for current clients and bring you new customers through mass referral, endorsement, co-marketing, and similar initiatives.

Can you work on commission only?2022-08-23T19:53:22+00:00

We can handle this in two ways. If you have a substantial customer base you want to earn more from, we will introduce new products and services from vetted companies you can proudly partner with. That’s commission only for you.

If you are in need of new clients/customers and want us to set up access to a customer base, distribution channel, co-marketing partner, or similar then you can invest in this process via a monthly retainer and commission. That retainer acts as a draw against our commission payments and covers our costs.

How can I increase the value of my business before I sell it?2022-08-23T19:35:46+00:00

There is a lot of bad advice floating around the internet. There are only a few metrics that really matter when it comes to a small to medium sized business valuation. There are specific actions you can take to influence these metrics but you will need at least 12 months to realize the benefits. Talk to us today so we can get you started in the right direction.

How will you represent my company to potential partners, buyers, etc?2022-08-23T19:39:38+00:00

This depends on the deal structure. For our joint venture / partnership introduction and brokering services, we represent you as a third party and disclose our financial interest to the prospective partners. The same is true for M&A advisory. However, if we agree to a longer term cooperation in which we have an ownership position in your company, we may also approach other companies under your brand identity.

Are there any minimum criteria to work with you?2022-08-23T19:46:40+00:00

For M&A advisory, we are looking for: 1) online/remote operated businesses with a minimum of $100,000 net income; 2) Other businesses with a minimum of $500,000 net income.

For joint venture / strategic partnership introductions and advisory, you should have a minimum of $1,000,000 in gross revenue.

For Praxis Upgrade, we evaluate on a case by case basis.

We work in XYZ industry – how do we know your strategy will work for us?2022-08-23T19:51:59+00:00

The first part of our process involves an in-depth discussion of your industry, your specific market, and where your company fits into the picture. Tactics and implementation vary slightly depending on context but the overall strategies remain consistent.